Nathan Fielder Denies That His ‘Curse’ Promo With Emma Stone Parodied The One For ‘Anyone But You’ With Sydney Sweeney And Glen Powell
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Nathan Fielder Denies That His ‘Curse’ Promo With Emma Stone Parodied The One For ‘Anyone But You’ With Sydney Sweeney And Glen Powell

Nathan Fielder, the renowned comedian and actor, has recently come under scrutiny for his promotional video for ‘Curse’ with Emma Stone. Rumors have been swirling that the promo bears a striking resemblance to the one for ‘Anyone But You’ featuring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. However, Fielder has vehemently denied these allegations, stating that the similarities are purely coincidental.

In a recent interview, Fielder addressed the speculation, asserting that the promo for ‘Curse’ was not intended to parody or mimic the one for ‘Anyone But You’ in any way. He emphasized that the creative process behind the ‘Curse’ promo was entirely original and unrelated to the aforementioned video.

Despite Fielder’s denial, social media has been abuzz with debates and discussions about the alleged parallels between the two promos. Some fans have pointed out specific visual and thematic elements that appear similar in both videos, while others have defended Fielder, suggesting that the similarities are purely coincidental and that the accusations are unfounded.

Emma Stone, who co-starred in the ‘Curse’ promo alongside Fielder, has yet to comment on the controversy. However, sources close to the actress have indicated that she fully supports Fielder’s stance and stands by the originality of the ‘Curse’ promo.

As for Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, the stars of the ‘Anyone But You’ promo, they have not publicly addressed the situation. It remains to be seen whether they will weigh in on the matter and provide their perspective on the alleged resemblance between the two promotional videos.

The debate surrounding the alleged parody or homage has sparked a lively conversation within the entertainment industry and among fans of the respective actors. Whether the similarities are coincidental or intentional, it is clear that the buzz surrounding Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone, Sydney Sweeney, and Glen Powell’s promotional videos shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

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