Nintendo and Mobile Games Developer DeNA Collaborate to Launch Innovative Nintendo Systems

Nintendo and Mobile Games Developer DeNA Collaborate to Launch Innovative Nintendo Systems

Nintendo and mobile game company DeNA announce partnership to launch new Nintendo Systems

Nintendo, the legendary video game company, has always been at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the gaming industry. From launching the classic Super Mario Bros., to the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo has constantly proved its mettle in the video game arena.

The advent of mobile gaming has opened doors to new possibilities and challenges for the gaming industry. In order to fully embrace the mobile gaming revolution, Nintendo has partnered with DeNA, a Tokyo-based mobile game company, to launch new Nintendo Systems.

With the advent of new Nintendo Systems, players can expect a seamless transition from playing on their consoles to mobile devices without any loss in game quality or features. The partnership aims at providing players with a new level of gaming experience from the comfort of wherever they are.

The announcement of this partnership comes as no surprise after Nintendo's tremendous success with its previous mobile game releases. Due to the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, it's no longer a question of whether companies like Nintendo should embrace the mobile gaming industry or not, but rather how they should do it. The answer lies in partnerships like these, where expertise can be shared to create a unified gaming ecosystem.

What can we expect from new Nintendo Systems?

The new Nintendo Systems aim to bridge the gap between console and mobile gaming. Nintendo has always focused on making games as accessible as possible to every type of gamer, and this partnership with DeNA is a testament to their commitment to that value. The two companies are pooling their expertise to create an all-encompassing gaming ecosystem that will offer a new level of gaming experience.

The new system will allow players to access their favourite Nintendo games whether they are at home or on the move. This means that players can conveniently switch between console and mobile devices without sacrificing any gameplay experience. Users can also expect new games like Mario Kart Tour that are designed specifically for mobile devices using the latest mobile gaming technology.

Nintendo has always provided innovative hardware and gaming experiences, and this partnership with DeNA will enhance that reputation. Players can possibly expect games that integrate with wearable technology or augmented reality systems to deliver cutting-edge gaming experiences. Along with this, the new Nintendo Systems will incorporate their renowned social functionality that allows players to connect with each other from all around the world.


The partnership between Nintendo and DeNA is an exciting step that will change the face of the gaming industry. The two companies aim to create a new level of gaming experience that is accessible to gamers around the globe. With the launch of Nintendo Systems, players can expect seamless integration between their console and mobile devices, providing them with complete gaming flexibility.

This announcement also highlights Nintendo's willingness to move beyond their traditional console gameplay and embrace new technologies. The innovative designs and advancements that we are likely to see from this partnership have great potential to revolutionize the gaming industry.

In conclusion, the launch of Nintendo Systems is a win for both the gaming titans and gamers alike. With the two companies working together, the future of gaming is looking bright, promising more thrilling experiences and innovation than ever before.

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