Percent Secures $30M Investment to Revolutionize Private Credit Investing

Percent Secures $30M Investment to Revolutionize Private Credit Investing

Percent Lands $30M Investment to Revolutionize the Private Credit Market

The private credit market is an ever-evolving financial landscape that has remained largely untouched by technological advancements. However, this is about to change thanks to innovative fintech company, Percent, which has landed a $30M investment to connect investors with private credit.

Percent's novel approach to the private credit market is set to revolutionize the industry by introducing transparency, efficiency, and accessibility. Through its platform, accredited investors are given access to a pool of vetted private credit opportunities that were previously only available to institutional investors.

The Emergence of Percent and its Business Model

Percent, founded in 2018 by CEO, Ben Cukier, is a fintech company that aims to democratize the private credit market. The company's business model entails sourcing private credit opportunities and offering them as investment opportunities on its platform to accredited investors looking for alternative investment options.

In essence, Percent acts as a bridge between investors and private credit lenders, and by doing so, the company looks to bring the benefits of the digital age to an industry that has remained traditional for many years.

The company's easy-to-use platform and emphasis on transparency have attracted a loyal following of investors who are looking for exposure to private credit but lack the necessary resources to do so. Additionally, with no added fees for investors and a high level of due diligence carried out on the deals, it's easy to see why Percent has gained so much popularity.

Investors benefit from the fact that Percent is constantly sourcing new private credit opportunities, lowering the hassle of doing due diligence themselves. This allows investors to easily diversify their portfolios with sound investments that match their investment objectives.

The $30M Investment and What It Means

In May 2021, Percent announced a $30M Series A funding round led by Nasdaq Ventures and fintech giant, B Capital Group. The funds will be used to further develop the company's proprietary technology and expand its team to enhance the platform's offering.

With the investment, Percent is set to become a key player in the private credit market and is poised to attract even more investors who are looking for reliable and accessible investment opportunities. The company's strong focus on providing an easy-to-use platform coupled with a sound investment strategy is sure to make it a formidable challenger in the fintech space.

Private Credit and the Future

While private credit is a market that has remained largely untapped by retail investors, this is set to change with the emergence of companies like Percent. The democratization of the space is beneficial for investors as it provides them with a wider range of investment options and the potential to earn better returns than traditional instruments allow.

Moreover, as the private credit market continues to grow and develop, investors will no doubt look to alternative investment options that offer the potential for high returns while remaining secure. With the emergence of fintech companies such as Percent, it's clear that the future of private credit lies in the digitization of processes that have long been carried out manually.

In conclusion, Percent's $30M investment is a significant step forward for the company and the private credit industry as a whole. Through their intuitive platform and focus on transparency, investors are being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in one of the most exciting markets out there. As technology continues to shape the financial industry, it's clear that Percent is at the forefront of this wave, and their commitment to innovation ensures they'll continue to be a key player for years to come.

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