Sözcü Tv Live Turkey

Sözcü Tv Live Turkey


Sözcü TV is a Turkish television news channel that broadcasts live 24 hours a day. It is a part of Sözcü Media Group which is known for its news website Sözcü.com.tr. Sözcü TV provides the latest news, analysis, and commentary on local and international events, politics, and sports. The channel also broadcasts various talk shows and interviews with experts and journalists.

In this article, we will delve into the different programs and shows that are aired on Sözcü TV Live Turkey.

1. Güne Başlarken (Starting the Day):

Güne Başlarken is a morning show that airs on Sözcü TV Canlı Turkey. The host of the show discusses the most important news and events that happened overnight in Turkey and around the world. The show also features live interviews with experts and politicians who discuss the latest developments.

2. Gündem Özel (Special Agenda):

Gündem Özel is a program on Sözcü TV live Turkey that focuses on special issues and topics that are not covered in the mainstream media. The show hosts discussions, debates, and interviews with experts and academics who provide in-depth analysis on various issues.

3. Gece Ajansı (Night News):

Gece Ajansı is the late-night news program on Sözcü TV Live Turkey. The show provides a summary of the day's most important events and news. It also airs interviews with guests who provide additional insight and analysis on current affairs.

4. Spor Gündemi (Sports Agenda):

Spor Gündemi is a sports show that airs on Sözcü TV Live Turkey. The program covers the latest news, analysis, and discussion of sports events from around the world. The show also features interviews with sports figures and experts who share their insights and opinions about various sports.

5. Sözlü Notlar (Verbal Notes):

Sözlü Notlar is a talk show on Sözcü TV Live Turkey that features one-on-one interviews with writers, artists, and intellectuals. The host engages the guests in a discussion about their work, their lives, and their opinions on various topics.


Sözcü TV Live Turkey provides unique and engaging programs on news, politics, sports, and culture. The channel covers a wide range of topics and issues, making it a reliable source of information and analysis for its viewers. With its various shows and programs, Sözcü TV Live Turkey has become a popular choice for those who seek a fresh perspective on current affairs.


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