The Ultimate Guide: Discover the Top 16 Must-See and Must-Do Attractions in New Orleans

The Ultimate Guide: Discover the Top 16 Must-See and Must-Do Attractions in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city full of character and history. Known for its lively music scene, delicious cuisine, and unique culture, there are endless things to do and see in The Big Easy. Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, here are 16 of the best things to do in New Orleans.

1. Explore the French Quarter One of the most iconic neighborhoods in the city, the French Quarter is home to charming architecture, live music, and world-famous restaurants. Take a stroll down Bourbon Street, visit Jackson Square, and check out local boutiques and shops.

2. Visit the National WWII Museum The National WWII Museum is a must-see for history buffs. With exhibits and interactive experiences, visitors can learn about the war from the perspective of both soldiers and civilians.

3. Take a Swamp Tour Experience the beauty of Louisiana’s wetlands on a swamp tour. With wildlife sightings and a chance to learn about the delicate ecosystem, a swamp tour is a unique way to explore the natural side of New Orleans.

4. Listen to Live Music New Orleans is known for its vibrant music scene. From jazz to brass bands, you can find live music throughout the city. Check out venues like Preservation Hall, Tipitina’s, and The Maple Leaf Bar.

5. Visit the Garden District The Garden District is known for its beautiful homes and gardens. Take a walking tour or hop on the streetcar to see the stunning architecture and lush greenery.

6. Eat Beignets at Cafe Du Monde No trip to New Orleans is complete without indulging in beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Served with a side of chicory coffee, these fried doughnuts covered in powdered sugar are a true New Orleans staple.

7. Experience Mardi Gras Mardi Gras is one of the most famous events in New Orleans. With parades, parties, and elaborate costumes, it’s a truly unique celebration that takes place every year.

8. Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art The New Orleans Museum of Art is home to an impressive collection of art from around the world. From contemporary to classic, visitors can see works by renowned artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Degas.

9. Ride the Streetcar One of the best ways to see New Orleans is by riding the streetcar. With several lines throughout the city, visitors can take a scenic ride and get a feel for the different neighborhoods.

10. Take a Cooking Class Learn to cook like a local with a New Orleans cooking class. With roots in French, African, and Native American cuisine, the city’s food scene is unique and delicious.

11. Walk Through Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is one of the oldest cemeteries in New Orleans. With stunning above-ground tombs and a sense of history around every corner, it’s a must-visit for those interested in the city’s past.

12. Visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is dedicated to showcasing the art and culture of the American South. With a collection of over 4,000 works, it’s a great place to learn about the region’s rich history and artistic legacy.

13. Have a Po-Boy at Mahony’s A visit to New Orleans isn’t complete without trying a po-boy. Mahony’s serves up some of the best in the city, with options ranging from shrimp to roast beef.

14. Tour a Plantation Get a taste of the antebellum South with a tour of a plantation. From Oak Alley to Laura Plantation, visitors can learn about the history of these grand homes and the people who lived there.

15. Take a Ghost Tour New Orleans is famous for its haunted past. Take a ghost tour to learn about the city’s spooky legends and hear tales of voodoo, ghosts, and haunted homes.

16. Visit the Audubon Zoo Located in Uptown New Orleans, the Audubon Zoo is home to over 2,000 animals. With exhibits like the Louisiana Swamp and a safari-like experience, it’s a fun and educational activity for visitors of all ages.

In conclusion, New Orleans is a city full of history, culture, and unique experiences. Whether you’re looking to indulge in the food scene, explore the city’s past, or soak up the vibrant music scene, there’s something for everyone in The Big Easy.

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